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Your Solution for Superior Field Service

Efficiency and innovation by AppTegral

TEGRAL is reshaping businesses with unprecedented operational efficiency, transforming field service delivery into a growth-driving force.

Tegral Features

Unlock unparalleled excellence with features designed for the industry's best.
Discover tools that set market leaders apart. Your next milestone of success awaits.

Empower your field service operations with 'Real-Time Information'. Make strategic decisions with live updates, respond proactively to challenges, and enhance customer experience. Transform your business with the power of real-time information.

Real-Time Information
Intelligent Analytics

Leverage Smart Insights for Optimal Business Decision Making

Tailored Solutions
Experience Customized Field Service Management for Your Unique Needs

Unleash Excellence:

Your Game-Changer in Field Service Management.

TEGRAL revolutionizes your field service operations with real-time, intelligent solutions, driving performance, customer satisfaction, and a culture of excellence. Start leading your industry today.

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TEGRAL in Numbers







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We offer tailored app development beyond our core field service solution. Our experts collaborate with you to create intuitive apps that streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and spur growth, ensuring a perfect fit for your business needs.

What's New

Discover our latest updates and developments

Tech Assist Portal

Boost your team's performance with TEGRAL's Tech Assist Portal, a go-to resource for technical insights and continuous learning.

Live Connection

Real-time equipment monitoring and proactive maintenance made simple with TEGRAL's Live Connection feature.

IHEA Conference
AppTegral reflects on its successful sponsorship of the IHEA National Conference 2023, held from 29-31 May at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
Tegral in South Africa

AppTegral proudly announces its first customer in South Africa, a significant milestone in our global expansion.


Explore our comprehensive FAQ sections, crafted to address your queries and offer a window into AppTegral's unwavering dedication to excellence. 

Learn more about our history, our business and sustainability initiatives

Experience TEGRAL now - Request a demo and accelerate your success.

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