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Job Description

At AppTegral, we pride ourselves on shaping the future leaders of the technology realm. As an Application Developer Intern, you will dive deep into meaningful projects, expand your horizons across various technical domains, and receive invaluable experience to fast-track your aspirations in technology. This role is meticulously designed to align with your developmental goals, ensuring a holistic growth experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Engage in innovative application development and configuration.

  • Streamline processes by developing automation to replace traditional manual deployment steps.

  • Produce high-quality, maintainable code that undergoes rigorous unit testing based on precise acceptance criteria.

  • Discover and segregate reusable code assets to benefit multiple AppTegral projects.

  • Evaluate and choose suitable code libraries to enhance project deliverables.

  • Curate and sustain documentation, shedding light on code specifics and critical design choices.

  • Partake in thorough testing and automation tasks.

  • Contribute to technical requirements gathering and astute analysis.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Innate passion for technology and its transformative potential.

  • Demonstrated creativity in problem-solving scenarios.

  • Zeal for the intricacies of app development and a future-forward vision for the industry.

  • Stellar communication abilities, both written and oral.

  • A charismatic personality, complemented by a proactive attitude.

Technical Proficiencies:

  • Foundational understanding of Cloud Technologies, notably Firebase and AWS.

  • Familiarity with Swift, Javascript, and VBA.

  • Acumen to quickly learn, craft code, and decipher intricate technical prerequisites.

Technologies at AppTegral:

While we work with an extensive suite of technologies, some prevalent ones include Swift, Kotlin, Javascript, VBA, Firebase, AWS, among others.

Please note only individual applications will be considered. No agency submissions

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Core Behaviours

Empowerment & Trust

We believe in entrusting our employees with responsibilities and the autonomy to make decisions. We're here to support, not to micromanage.

Open Dialogue

Your voice matters. With transparent communication at our core, we're always receptive to your ideas and feedback.

Unparalleled Growth

Every challenge here is a stepping stone. We're committed to your continuous development, ensuring a promising career trajectory for all.

Recognition & Balance

We celebrate your successes and value your personal time. Achievements are recognized, and work-life harmony is prioritized.

Unified Support System

In our community, every member lifts the other. Whether it's a professional hurdle or personal challenge, we've got your back.

Diversity & Mentorship

We champion inclusivity and shared wisdom. Our diverse culture is our strength, and our mentorship ensures everyone thrives.

Application Developer

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