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Leadership Team

Meet the visionary minds who guide our pursuit of excellence and innovation, shaping the future of AppTegral.


Ali Baygi

Founder and Chief Executive

Ali Baygi is a respected figure in the technology, engineering, and field service management sectors, boasting a career that spans over a decade and a half. His educational background includes a Master of Science in Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics from the globally respected Imperial College London, ranked among the top 10 universities worldwide.  


In 2017, Ali channeled his vast experience and unique insights into founding AppTegral. Fueled by a comprehensive vision, he aimed to make field service management tasks simpler for everyone and position AppTegral as a global leader in the industry. His pioneering spirit and relentless commitment have played a pivotal role in turning this vision into a reality.  


Away from the rigours of corporate life, Ali brings the same level of dedication to his role as a Community Visitor for the Australian Red Cross, a testament to his broader commitment to society.


Andrew Arkosi

Commercial Director

With a distinguished 25-year tenure, Andrew Arkosi is an exemplar in maintenance improvement and standards audit compliance, mastering both Australian and ISO benchmarks. As AppTegral's Commercial Director, he marries maintenance strategy with streamlined audit processes, driving operational efficiency.


Andrew's genius extends to crafting bespoke commercial strategies aligned with business growth and safety. His transformative approach has led to innovative business change strategies, seamlessly integrated into AppTegral's environment. Additionally, his prowess in devising cost-down business deliverables showcases his holistic business acumen. Andrew’s leadership is not only about expertise; it's about envisioning and actualizing unparalleled commercial success for AppTegral.


Ali Maraci

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Ali Maraci is an eminent figure in the global technology sphere, holding a PhD from the world-renowned University of Oxford and a rich professional experience that spans over 17 years. He is a seasoned expert in software development, machine learning, image processing, and data science. 


Ali's career has seen him take on multifaceted roles across prominent technology hubs like the United Kingdom and the United States. His exceptional technical acumen, innovative thought process, and exemplary performance have led to him earning distinguished awards, including the notable Wolfson Innovate Award from the University of Oxford. 


As AppTegral's Chief Innovation Officer, Ali is the driving force behind our advanced technology strategies. His visionary leadership, profound knowledge, and unwavering commitment to innovation are the catalysts propelling AppTegral not only to the zenith of the field service management industry but also in the broader universe of groundbreaking custom app development.

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