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TegralMED; An Innovative Solution for Healthcare Facility Servicing

The management of physical assets can be a confronting and complex business. The frequent attention to service medical equipment particularly can tend to be quite demanding in comparison to traditional assets such as buildings or infrastructure. Whether its scheduling services, communicating with your technicians or finding ways to optimise your tasks – it becomes a task to combine all these assembling components within a single and controlled framework.

As a reaction, there have been new enterprise asset management software gradually emerging. However, applications catering specifically for the medical servicing field are limited. AppTegral has looked into the main challenges preventing businesses from operating their own all-purpose and multifaceted systems. Our experiences within the medical servicing field has allowed us to innovate solutions for the shortages and needs we have commonly come across.

Adapting your app to pre-existing systems

A large concerning issue for businesses is transitioning from pre-existing management arrangements to an updated mobile system. TegralMed is a customizable app that accommodates for businesses wanting to keep any formatting to allow for a seamless transition. We specialise as a service made to tailor for the needs and requirements of each individual customer.


A user-friendly experience for Technicians or Managers in the field must be ensured to eliminate any costly human-errors to your business. TegralMed focuses on providing a simple interface, hiding all the complexity within the background. Ensuring an easy-to-use system for all users.

Capturing accurate data from the field

Cloud-based software by now, have been successfully integrated within most business operations. However there is still a disjointed transition of data between Technicians recordings in the field, and Operation Managers. Considering the piles of work orders affiliated for a single project alone- duplicate entries, missing entries or other errors are bound to compile up.

TegralMed enables Technicians to capture data in the field, with all entries synching immediately and directly to a cloud-based system. This feature in turn enables hospitals to also report faulty equipment on their side, sending immediate notifications to the involved Management Team.

Knowing your business performances, and where to improve.

Capturing effective analytics is the key to ensure your time and efforts are invested in the right places. Small issues such as the missing assets, inaccessible rooms, or falling behind on project deadlines may inherently cause a trickle-down effect. Whether it’s upon the efficiency of your Technicians performances or potentially dissatisfying your Customers. TegralMed will act as the eyes of your project. Whether it’s the current status of project progression, or time-tracking features of your Technician activities. All analytics are presented for clear interpretation. Allowing you to identify your business services that are running efficiently, as well as those areas requiring reviewal.


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