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The Rapid Takeover of Mobile Apps and its Benefits

It’s a revolutionary time for the technology of mobile phones and applications. Affecting daily experiences on a global scale – changing the ways in which we learn, our methods of communication, keeping in touch with news or even the way we simply pass time whilst waiting for friends. Inevitably, these changes have also transformed enterprise processes, and the workforce dynamic.

Coming this summer in 2018, this mobile app ecosystem continues to grow - a market driven by the billions of smartphone owners and companies distributing their new apps. According to the global market data, the total number of mobile app downloads in 2018 alone, was over 205 billion. With a forecast of 2022 increasing up to 258 billion annual downloads. So in what way are enterprise mobile apps contributing towards these numbers?

In late 2017, Gartner reported that 75% of global enterprises had virtualized mobile applications. The resulting benefits from these integrations are reflected within a Mobility Survey of 332 executives from different industries. CITO Research found that enterprise mobility improved process efficiency by 30%, with employee productivity increasing by 23%. It seems to appear that the big promise when bringing mobility to your organization is productivity.

Surely wouldn’t all businesses hop on board then? CITO looked into determining the top mobility challenges these participating executives faced – including keeping track of the returns of investment, a lack of budget and the initial quality of the apps integrated.

Investigating issues faced by businesses such as these provides an insight towards what the enterprise app industry seems to be lacking. Affordability, statistical tracking and quality investigation into creating a custom app for the intended business needs.

Recognizing such global trends, and wanting to innovate for these solutions is the basis on which AppTegral was founded. Visit our website for more information and see the ways in which innovative app solutions can be tailored for individual business needs.

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