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AppTegral Hosts IHEA!

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14 May 2019

It was an honor for us at AppTegral to host the Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia (IHEA) and present our innovative, user-friendly, cloud-based maintenance technologies for the servicing sector. As a leading software development company and the creator of the Tegral field service management app, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the services we provide. Hosting IHEA gave us an opportunity to showcase our latest advancements in cloud-based maintenance technologies and demonstrate how they can be applied to the servicing sector to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance service delivery. Our presentation highlighted the benefits of our technologies and how they can be integrated into existing systems to optimize operations. We also discussed our commitment to continuous innovation and how we are constantly working to develop new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the servicing sector. We are grateful to IHEA for the opportunity to share our knowledge and insights, and we look forward to collaborating with them and other industry stakeholders to advance the field of healthcare engineering.

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