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31 Aug 2023

Boost your team's performance with Tegral's Tech Assist Portal, a go-to resource for technical insights and continuous learning.

7 June 2023

AppTegral reflects on its successful sponsorship of the IHEA National Conference 2023, held from 29-31 May at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

21 Mar 2023

Real-time equipment monitoring and proactive maintenance made simple with Tegral's Live Connection feature.

27 Feb 2023

AppTegral proudly announces its first customer in South Africa, a significant milestone in our global expansion.

16 Jan 2023

Uncover in-depth insights into your operations, monitor trends, and make data-driven decisions with ease using Tegral's Smart Analytics.

10 Nov 2022

AppTegral strengthens Tegral with an Overhaul & Repair feature, continuously enhancing its toolset to meet the evolving needs of the field service management industry.

23 Sept 2022

AppTegral is grateful for the opportunity to have been a Platinum Sponsor and Exhibitor at the recently concluded IFHE 2022 in Toronto, Canada.

9 Aug 2022

AppTegral is delighted to announce the release of Tegral as a web application, expanding its powerful features to more platforms and users.

7 July 2022

AppTegral is thrilled to be a Platinum Sponsor and Exhibitor at IFHE 2022, taking place from 17-21 September in Toronto, Canada.

29 Mar 2022

AppTegral will unveil TegralMED at Stand 25 during the IHEA National Conference from 11-13 May at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

12 Apr 2021

AppTegral responds to industry demands by adding a Timesheet module to Tegral, enabling users to manage and track time more effectively.

18 Nov 2020

AppTegral makes a significant stride in global expansion by securing its first customer in Ireland, highlighting the universal appeal of our innovative solutions.

5 Oct 2020

AppTegral enhances user experience by introducing multilingual support in the Tegral app, catering to our global customer base.

25 Sept 2020

A recap of the first IHEA National Webinar, featuring a panel discussion with Dr. Norman Swan, on Australia's fight against COVID-19.

9 June 2020

Robust, Integrated Support System ensures timely assistance for Tegral users!

26 Feb 2020

AppTegral secures its first customer in the USA, validating its global relevance!

1 Oct 2019

Visit AppTegral at stand 26 at the IHEA Healthcare & Facilities Management Conference 2019 at the ANZ Stadium, Sydney.

3 July 2019

AppTegral adds Advanced Planner Sheet to Tegral for enhanced scheduling and planning control!

14 May 2019

AppTegral presents innovative cloud-based maintenance technologies to IHEA!

8 Apr 2019

AppTegral establishes a new office in London, expanding its global footprint!

4 Mar 2019

AppTegral delighted to sponsor the Australian Healthcare Week 2019!

15 Oct 2018

Reflecting on our silver sponsorship of IFHE 2018 and the successful launch of Tegral!

14 Aug 2018

AppTegral is thrilled to be a silver sponsor of the Perth Business Network (PBN)!

17 July 2018

Celebrating our silver sponsorship of IFHE 2018 with the launch of Tegral!

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