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Celebrating Success at IFHE 2018!

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15 October 2018

We are filled with gratitude and pride as we reflect on our recent silver sponsorship of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) 2018. This esteemed event brought together engineering professionals from the global hospital and healthcare sector, marking a significant moment for the industry. Our sponsorship underlined our dedication to supporting organizations that lead the way in healthcare innovation and excellence. A highlight of the event was the launch of Tegral, our innovative field service management solution. Designed to streamline operations and boost efficiency for businesses, Tegral was met with enthusiasm and positive feedback from industry professionals. The features and capabilities of Tegral showcased our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by the field service management industry.

As we move forward from IFHE 2018, we are more confident than ever that Tegral will revolutionize the field service management industry. The positive reception and feedback received during the event have reinforced our belief in the potential of Tegral to make a lasting impact. Our support for IFHE, combined with the successful launch of Tegral, reinforces our commitment to contributing to a brighter, more efficient future for all. We remain dedicated to continuous innovation and are excited about the journey ahead as we work towards our vision of transforming the field service management industry globally.

This event was also an opportunity for us to connect with like-minded professionals and organizations, fostering relationships that will be invaluable as we move forward. We were inspired by the innovative ideas and solutions shared by other industry leaders, and are excited to incorporate these insights into our own work. As we reflect on the success of IFHE 2018, we are filled with a sense of accomplishment and optimism for the future. Our journey is just beginning, and we are excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as we continue to innovate and contribute to the field service management industry.

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