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AppTegral Launches Integrated Support System!

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9 June 2020

At AppTegral, we understand that the need for support doesn't stop after the initial setup; it is an ongoing process. Recognizing this, we are excited to announce the launch of our Integrated Support System, a comprehensive, robust support infrastructure meticulously designed to ensure our customers receive timely assistance and maximize the benefits of their Tegral experience. This innovative system includes various channels of support, including online support and call requests, complemented by a comprehensive knowledge base and a plethora of online resources. Our dedicated support team, comprised of seasoned experts with extensive field experience, is trained to provide top-notch assistance on all aspects of Tegral, from the initial setup and onboarding to the advanced troubleshooting and optimization required in the long run. This approach ensures our customers can always have peace of mind, knowing that expert help is readily accessible whenever needed. Our commitment to customer success is not limited to the implementation phase of Tegral; we are steadfast in our support for our customers every step of the way, ensuring they extract the maximum value from their investment. This initiative is a testament to our ongoing commitment to shaping the future of field service management and aiding businesses worldwide in operating more efficiently and effectively. We believe that with the right support, our customers can fully unlock the potential of Tegral and, in turn, revolutionize their operations. Together, we are not only building a brighter future for field service management but also contributing to the success of businesses globally.

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Founded in Australia in 2017, AppTegral has rapidly emerged as a key player in field service solutions. With Tegral as our flagship product, we have demonstrated our commitment to creating tools that genuinely make a difference. However, it's not only about software; it's about crafting solutions that fit every business perfectly.


What drives us? A passion for innovative tech and an unwavering commitment to our customers. For us, it's all about delivering the best and sharing in the success stories of those we serve. Our journey is fueled by the ambition to constantly evolve, improve, and create lasting value for our customers, ensuring their growth and success.


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